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Finals are Coming
Finals are Coming»
Posted: 2005-10-09

Finals are coming soon and its not anything I look forward to. Last semester I didn't sleep for three days because of finals. Oh yes, dark times are ahead of me.

In case you were curious: I used a single 60 watt incandsent desk light low and behind the subject. I cupped my hands around the light to create a make shift snoot to give it a sort of spotlight effect. (Black paper works better because you dont burn yourself, but I didnt have any). I then held a white piece of paper low and in front of the subject angled towards the books to provide some fill light on the books. I just wanted enough fill so that you could read the books, but I didnt want to interfere with the fall off in front of the subject. Easy set up. It took only 5 minutes because, I should be studying after all.

I was looking for a fast way of visually demonstrating a situation. Simple, but still effective, or at least I think. You should try taking the five minute challenge sometime if you haven't before. You have 5 minutes to go from concept to finished photo.

2005:05:01 01:24:42
1/20 sec f 4.5 iso 0 EV 46 mm NIKON CORPORATION NIKON D70

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