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Back At Ya
Back At Ya»
Posted: 2005-12-20

Well the last slew of midterms, term papers and finals are now over, but I still have a lot of graduate school applications to fill out. In any event sorry for the long break between photos. As soon as I finish these applications up Ill get back to posting regularly. I have a ton of photo ideas for over break so stay sharp. In the mean time here is me to tide you over.

For some reason this photo just loses tons of color and contrast when I upload it. If anyone knows why go ahead and let me know. In the mean time you will have to be happy with this.

2005:11:19 14:20:01
1/5 sec f 11 iso200 0 EV 46 mm NIKON CORPORATION NIKON D70

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  • I love this pic.
    Sean @ 2005-12-27 01:57:20

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