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Posted: 2005-10-01

My little brother is into weightlifting and I am into photography. This is what you get when we get together. This was my first real attmept at a portriat. The lighting was all done with desklights and such as I can't afford studio lights yet or even real flashes. Three lights were used if you were curious. Special thanks go out to Kacie (girlfriend) and my mom for holding and moving the lights were I wanted them. It was quite a balancing act. I placed a black pillow under Sean's arm to isolate it from the rest of his body and to really emphasize it as a result of the contrast.

This picture was taken before I got my dSLR. My puny camera didnt prove too well in these low light conditions as is witnessed by the poor image quality. Someday I will reshoot this with my D70. I should get better quality and of course Sean has been lifting for a much longer period of time. Sean is 16 in this picture and had just started lifting. 2004-5-28

2004:05:26 21:22:26
1/3 sec f 2.9 iso400 TOSHIBA PDR2300

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